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Kerry Ingredients, Kerry Group 2022

Clayton Hotels 

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Rothco Dublin 



Art Directed by Jerry has an Idea 

Art Directed by Clayton Homer

BBDO Dublin

BBDO CD: Pat Hamill

“Authenticity. That's the single word that I have always associated with Mike’s work going back many years and he remains passionately true to this in everything he does. All photographers use highly specialised skills to capture, and in some cases create, particular moments and make them look as aesthetically appealing as possible. But it takes patience and a lot of perseverance to make sure that the outcome is as real as possible. You can’t fake real. And real is as beautiful as it ever gets. “

-Sean Hynes Creative Director Bonfire.

Bonfire Dublin

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Legas Delaney Hamburg

Dankse Bank Agency: Boys and Girls

Advertising Photographer in Dublin

Clayton Hotels

Client: 3 Agency: Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls 

Three Advertising

Client: Bank of Ireland Agency: Cawley Nea

Dublin Airport 

Client: DAA Agency: Cawley Nea

“With Mike O'Toole, you get a different angle, a unique perspective, an unexpected viewpoint: literally. Mike's work is personal, with a reportage/documentary style that opens out the subject to new appraisals. This is what caught my eye when I looked at his portfolio, and Mike has brought his uniquely questioning, interrogative approach to all the projects I have worked with him on. Penetrating to the heart of the subject, offering audiences an exciting invitation to the "unseen", he can offer clients surprising new ways to see themselves, which in turn presents often surprising twists to the viewer.”

-Joseph Hoban Head of Corporate affairs RTE

Dankse Bank Agency: Boys and Girls

DAA Cawley Nea


Visa Publicis 

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Digital campaigns

Client : Danone Agency : Havas

Dankse Bank  Agency: Boys and Girls

Client: Lidl Agency: Chemistry

Client: Lidl Agency: Chemistry

Client: Lidl Agency: Chemistry

Client: Lidl Agency: Chemistry

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Client: Tesco Agency: Target McConnells

Client: Dublin Waste Agency: Publicis

Client: Dublin Waste Agency: Publicis

Client: Ulsterbank Agency: Chemistry

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Client: Flora Agency: O&M


Universal Records Agency AAD 

Irish Stamps Client: An Post

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